Jenson Still Missing, No New Leads

By Linda Morris
Staff Writer - King Falls Gazette

After weeks of searching every field and forest in the greater King Falls area, local man Tim Jensen is still listed as a missing person with the King Falls Sheriff's Department. Hundreds of man hours have been spent walking every inch of Highway 72 where the man disappeared in what some locals are calling an alien abduction.

According to eyewitnesses, a strange light was seen headed towards the woods on Highway 72 leading into town. Susan Crowder, hairstylist at Tail and Mane Salon saw the lights firsthand stating, “I saw it with my own eyes! I was out on my porch drinking with some girlfriends, and I remember thinking it was one of those SWAT helicopters looking for a drug addict or something. But it had to be aliens.”

Betty Snider, a waitress at Rose's Diner confirms, “We were all sitting around drinking daiquiris and the sky lit up like Christmas. All sorts of lights. It looked just like a UFO I saw on the Discovery Channel once.”

Many town residents aren't really sure what to think of Mr. Jensen's disappearance. King Falls High School science teacher Larry Thompson is cautious of calling this an alien abduction. “It is quite possible that neither of these events had anything to do with each other. There are plenty of reasons why there would be lights, it might have been as simple as planes from the air force base practicing formations. Aliens would be the last thing I'd pin this on.”

Route 72 - Near Clower Street

Although the physical search has now been called off, the hunt for information continues. The King Falls Sheriff's Department continues to field calls on the tip line that has been set up in hopes of finding any clues that could lead to the whereabouts of Tim Jenson. So far all leads have gone cold. “We get about five or six calls a day, mostly just asking if we have anything,” states Deputy Troy Krieghauser. “King Falls remains hopeful that we will find Tim Jensen.”

Tim Jensen disappeared over two months ago while coming home late from his job on Highway 72. He famously disappeared while on the phone with King Falls AM radio host Sammy Stephens. Jensen reported that he saw three triangular shapes with bright lights just before the phone line went dead. He was a 32 year old factory worker. His wife Mary urges anyone with any information to call the tip line. “He's been gone over two months now. He'll be 33 in September. We are hoping for his safe return.” There is also a donation being taken up by King Falls Baptist Church to help Jensen's family.