Controversial Strip Mall Deal Goes Through

By: Linda Morris

Staff Writer

Despite a packed house of King Falls residents objecting to the development plans of a new shopping plaza, Mayor Grisham, along with the city council, has unanimously voted to go through with the plans of the Super Six Shopping Plaza, that includes a pizzeria, a nail salon, as well as a permanent home for Reverend Xavier Hawthorne's growing congregation. Just last month, Reverend Hawthorne finished a record-breaking five week long revival at the King Falls festival grounds.

"It's important to give the people of King Falls a place to both worship and enjoy themselves. Jesus and a slice of pizza is just what the people of this town need," the reverend said during the meeting.

The largest objection to the shopping plaza is with the investment company, Johnson Investments. The investment company has been contacting residents along Shepherd Lane, the proposed building location. Some have questioned the company's tactics, like resident Brett Adams. "They've called me every single day for the past month. They keep threatening to go through the courts to get me to sell my land." During his time to speak at the city council meeting, Adams quoted that the investment company contacted him 42 times in the last two weeks.

Johnson Investments is a new start up company located in nearby Big Pine. The Reverend Hawthorne has ties to the investment company; both he and his brother-in-law Phillip Johnson are on the board of directors. Residents are calling attention to the funding from the investment company. "I don't see how a pastor and a car mechanic have this kind of money, is all I'm saying," stated Mindy Burris, a teacher at King Falls Elementary.

Both Reverend Hawthorne and Johnson Investments have declined to comment on any of the proposed plans with the shopping plaza, and have instead sent over a copy of the plaza plans and a copy of the city council ruling.



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