Happy Halloween from King Falls AM!

The following is an online editorial written by Sammy Stevens, co-host of King Falls AM's Sammy & Ben Show. It does not express the views or belief's of The King Falls Gazette or it's staff.

Now I know what you're thinking, King Falls does not like today. Halloween is not a favorite. But where I come from this is a fun day. Awesome costumes, scary movies, trick or treating and of course hearing Thriller every hour on the hour from all the other radio stations.

But you guys aren't fans. I guess if you dealt with the real bumps in the night, apparitions and other spooky stuff year round, maybe Halloween wouldn't be that fun after all . Also, Ben, please note that isn't me admitting that every damn thing that happens here is legit.

All I'm saying is, that no matter what you do today, celebrating a harmless, fun & possibly inappropriately dressed holiday or otherwise, is have fun & be safe.

I've got the fun-sized candy bars here at Casa de Stevens if you come ring the doorbell kiddies, but come 9pm the porch light is off and I'm digging in.

Happy Halloween King Falls!

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