Red Rum Roses & Billionaire Bullies by Ben Arnold

The following is an editorial written by Ben Arnold, co-host of King Falls AM's Sammy & Ben Show. It does not express the views or belief's of The King Falls Gazette or it's staff.

Hey guys & girls, Ben Arnold from King Falls AM, that's 660 on the AM dial here. I had a few minutes of spare time and a few hours of pent up rage so I thought I would write an OPEN LETTER about the last couple weeks here at the station and in The Falls in general.

First off, there was discussion from a certain only-comes-out-at-night, eccentric, dusty, bag o' bones billionare (who may or may not be a vampire) ... no names here, who said that King Falls AM might possibly be fabricating a story about a missing hiker just a couple weeks back.

Dear reader, I think if you and I can only agree on one thing, it would be this: that a certain only-comes-out-at-night, eccentric, dusty, bag o' bones billionare (who may or may not be a vampire) again, no names here, likes to stir the pot.

This, my friends, is the pot being stirred.

It is extremely well documented that on October 1st we received an anonymous call at the station alerting us to a cassette tape in our mailbox.

Against Sammy's wishes, I went and checked the mail and found said tape. We played the tape of what we assume to be the missing hiker, Lance McCord. Again, all factual. He stated his name, his whereabouts and the like.

Against MY wishes, Sammy continued on about the tape ... then against ALL of our wishes the tape continued on ... without being plugged in.

Godspeed Lance, wherever you are.

I know there are a few people out there in the world that think the worst of Sammy & I. That we aren't here for our community but only for ratings. HA! If that were the case, Sammy wouldn't have come to our tiny town and I would have left years ago.

I love King Falls and I'm proud to say I can call most of you friends, the ones that don't attack us ... or live on the S.S. Backstabber.

Let me clear the air and say that nothing we do is fabricated. Big deals get made about the Tim Jensens, the Lance McCords but nobody makes a stink about the hour we spend talking to Maury Williams from Maury's Magnet Memorial. What I'm saying is, these detractors FIND sensational issues to make deals of. They don't look at the human's behind the issues or the fact these issues are thrust upon myself & Sammy.

So the next time a billionaire writes an editorial about your friendly late night AM talk radio show, remember he's the same guy who left 2,500 white roses at our doorstep. Please remember he's the guy selling an e-book that is running down our fair town, mangling history & spectral phenomenons alike. Also, and I'm not saying this in print about anyone in particular, but can you really ever trust a VAMPIRE? I thought not.

Sammy & I bare it all from 2-6am every weeknight, we are open books. Maybe be weary of the guy you never see around town but is always watching from up the mountain. Using his wealth & power to drive the little guy off land, or in this case, the air.

If you've got issues with what I'm saying Beauregard, give us a call, anytime 424.279.3858.

And please don't send Pete to do your dirty work, dropping off Redrum Roses or otherwise.


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