Local Weatherman Begins Stint in Rehab

By Duff Dillinger

Storm Sanders, Channel 13 on-air personality and lead weatherman, was seen earlier today entering the Big Pine Rehab Facility under his own volition.

Channel 13 representatives would not comment on the matter. However King Falls AM radio host, and anti-Channel 13 enthusiast, Ben Arnold was more than happy to comment on the situation.

"I think it's a publicity stunt. Absolutely!" Arnold stated with unabashed glee over the phone.

"Look, the guy had a very public meltdown on television. Showed symptoms of either drunkenness or an ancient Hatchenaw curse, you be the judge, and then miraculously you guys get tipped off that he's entering rehab up in Big Pine? Those shysters at 13 are just trying to avoid FCC fines."

While Storm Sanders has been known to enjoy the King Falls nightlife, it is not certain if he has indeed been possessed by "Skinwalkers"

Only time will tell.


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