King Falls Public Library Set to reopen West Wing after "Lincoln's Revenge"

By Duff Dillinger

The dust has finally settled, the shelving has been refurbished and the walls have received a fresh coat of paint; it's almost time to reopen the King Falls Public Library's west wing.

Last November, during the filming of the hit television show Mission: Apparition, the King Falls library received a makeover, albeit one it didn't want or was expecting.

"It was sheer pandemonium." Emily Potter, King Falls librarian stated.

"Everything started off fine, but during the interview with Dan & Larry, Ben was hoisted ten feet up into the air and choked until he was turning blue! Honestly if it hadn't been for ... Abraham Lincoln, this story might not have ended as happily as it did."

Speaking with Mayor Grisham over the phone, he wasn't nearly as pleased with the end result as Ms. Potter.

"I wouldn't call spending close to $30,000 a happy ending at all. I think it's sad that King Falls had to use money, previously allocated elsewhere, to pay for what was basically a radio station publicity stunt gone awry. Just another way those chuckleheads at King Falls AM are ruining our happy little town!"

The King Falls Public Library has been on the receiving end of a long line of bad luck the past year, starting with the disappearance of head librarian Lily Kilpatrick in May, to this past November's Lincoln's Revenge, but Ms. Potter sees the light at the end of the tunnel.

"I'm just so happy to be able to open the west wing again. It's an uphill battle but I really think this will actually help the library's numbers and not hurt. So many kid's ask me about the apparitions of President Lincoln and John Wilkes Booth that I think they'll show up just to investigate themselves! And hopefully read a book or two while they're at it!"

Time will tell whether Lincoln's Revenge and it's new makeover will be helpful or a hindrance but you can judge for yourself this coming Tuesday during the west wing's grand re-opening.

"It'll be a low-key affair." Emily Potter told this reporter with a smile. "While we won't have the pomp and circumstance of one of our King Falls celebrations, we will be forgiving all resident's past due fees up to $15 plus we have a media display of the Mission Apparition episode the Library was featured in, so be sure to stop by!"

We'll definitely be there alongside Emily Potter enjoying the relaxed atmosphere. Hopefully we'll get to see you King Falls residents with young readers as well as delinquent and irresponsible library patrons looking for forgiveness too.


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