Mayor, Radio Host involved in "Scuffle" at Town Celebration

By Duff Dillinger

Friday afternoon's Best Small Town in America celebration didn't turn out to be quite the walk in the park Mayor Steven Grisham thought it would be.

Seemingly every resident in King Falls made it down to Main Street for the parade and the coronation afterwards in the park. Hosted by King Falls AM late night talk radio hosts Sammy Stevens & Ben Arnold, it was an afternoon destined to bring our mountain town together.

Or was it?

From what The King Falls Gazette gathers, there was a miscommunication between Sammy Stevens, who was set to announce Mayor Grisham to the stage for a speech and the Mayor himself. But that's when things become murky, varying stories from the parties involved don't help to clear up what seemed to be an all-out fight.

Onlookers describe the Mayor taking a swing at the radio DJ and a brawl ensuing, which is corroborated by the fact Steven's broadcast partner, Ben Arnold, commentated the scuffle live on-air.

Meanwhile, Mayor Grisham denies there was a fight at all."There was no scuffle. Apparently Sammy Stevens was trying to warn me of ... something, I don't know, and I saw a bee on his face. I simply tried to swat the bee away from him using everything in my arsenal. Have you ever been stung by a bee? It's terrible. It was probably exacerbated by the fact that I tripped on a loose wooden plank on the Main Street Stage and fell into Stevens with extreme force. Which leads me to an announcement; the King Falls Chamber of Commerce and I have decided to build a completely new stage for next year. It's just another thing to add to the list of the exceptional things I do for such an exceptional city."

When asked about the brawl, that Ben Arnold called play-by play on, Mayor Grisham said: "I can't vouch for anything that happens on that radio station, much less Ben Arnold commentating a 'fight'. There was a bee on Stevens. End of story." said the Mayor via phone interview.

Sammy Stevens has not been reached for comment however we received an email from the owner of King Falls AM, Merv, informing us that Sammy Steven has been suspended, with pay, for the next two weeks worth of broadcasts.

Ben Arnold, co-host of the popular late night talk radio show, stated "I don't know about a bee or however the Mayor's office is trying to spin this. I know he punched my friend in the face while my friend was trying to stand up for this town's interest. That's all I've got to say about it. Stay strong, Sammy. We'll talk to you soon."

As of the writing of this article, while the police did break up the apparent "bee swatting incident" no charges have been filed on either side and business goes on as usual down at City Hall.


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