The 7th Annual Best Small Town in America is almost upon us!

By Duff Dillinger

The 7th Annual Best Small Town in America is almost upon us!

The Main Street Park came alive today, with scores of workmen and crews putting up the decorations for this Friday's 7th Annual 'Best Small Town in America' coronation.

The excitement in the air is palpable; huge smiles on the faces of all the passersby while friends and neighbors take to the city streets, talking about the biggest block party of the year.

"After the Holiday's, the excitement used to peter out around the Falls, but with King Falls winning this special prize every year from the Chamber of Commerce, it really doesn't seem to fizzle out at all!" exclaimed life-long resident, Frank Perry.

And Frank is right. For the six years that King Falls has been bestowed the distinction, it doesn't seem to slow down. What once was a lull known as January, has picked up since Mayor Steven Grisham has taken power.

Mayor Grisham was quoted saying "Look, it would be real arrogant of me to say that for every year I've been mayor of our wonderful little town, we've been named the best small town in America. It's true, but it would be arrogant. And it certainly isn't all because of me. This town and it's resident's truly are the best America has to offer. But I am pretty proud to say that I helped us on our way."

Local vocal detractor, AM radio host Sammy Stevens, has even stopped trying to take the air out of the pageantry. "I've been in King Falls the better part of a year now and, don't get me wrong, I have my doubts about the veracity of the claim, but King Falls is a very special place. In my own heart and obviously the hearts of the voters ... located right down on Second Street inside the King Falls Chamber of Commerce."

While records are hard to find on past winners of the Best Small Town in America, this reporter has no doubt that King Falls has outshined any other recipient of this award ever, and will continue to bring home the honor for many more years to come.


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