The Weekend Report: Rainbow Lights and Brony Nights

by Phillip Rodriguez

Look up into the sky, King Falls. You really don't have to, but let me tell you what you're gonna see tonight: instead of the beautiful stars, twinkling down on our picture-esque mountain town, you're gonna see those damn rainbow lights again.

We are now pushing into the second week of our visiting flying friends (we hope), shining their technicolor evil all over town. With no end in sight, this reporter wonders when will it all end. The sleepless nights, the funky-hued days, the constant weird buzzing if you get too close to them?

The whispers in the town are growing; why are the lights back, are they accountable for the newly found body at Lake Hatchenaw, are they accountable for the old found body at Lake Hatchenaw during the 55th Annual Bass Tournament, and most important, why are they here and who pissed them off?

With Tim Jensen still weighing heavy on our mind and hearts, haven't we given you lights enough? We live in fear. We've given you a friend. You're really screwing with our internal clocks. Please, pack up your lights and hit the road ... or the skies. The town of King Falls is officially over it.

As you can imagine, with all the stress these UFO's are bringing to town, there's literally only one game in town this weekend for a chance at fun: the makeshift Brony Bounce in Craig Zucker's corn field. We all knew Craig had interesting taste as a kid but apparently he's invited 300 of his closest My Little Pony loving friends to party and watch the skies this weekend.

If you don't know what a Brony is, this reporter surely won't be the one to tell you (it's called Google people, use it) but I definitely will report back on what's sure to be a weekend full of friendship and magic.

Stay safe, King Falls.



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