Tim Jensen's First Public Interview This Week!

By Duff Dillinger

Newly earthbound news sensation, Tim Jensen will be having his first public interview since his return this week on The Sammy & Ben Show, stated the semi-popular talk radio hosts last night.

Tim Jensen has been the talk of the town since his disappearance live on-air almost a year ago, and the dynamic duo have kept him in the public eye with an outpouring of assistance geared towards his wife and kids.

"I couldn't be happier that Tim Jensen is back in King Falls where he belongs" boasted Mayor Grisham at a re-election event yesterday at Nolan's Drugstore. "Let's all just give him the privacy that I'm sure he wants. Tim will speak when he feels it's time and just so he and Mary know, the Mayor's office always has the door open for them."

While speculation has run rampant the past ten months Tim has been gone, those closest to the Jensen family are keeping tight-lipped about his experiences, whatever they may be.

A call into Ben Arnold at 660AM reiterated that the interview will be taking place, "It's very true, we'll be airing a live interview from the Jensen Residence later this week. We put a call into Mary to let them know we were thrilled Tim had been found and returned and Tim hopped on the phone and scheduled this himself!"

While there are many stories about where Tim Jensen has been the last year, the only person who can truly answer that is staying mum, at least to all outlets except King Falls AM. Stay tuned to 660 on the AM dial to hear, what will surely be, the biggest interview of the year.


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