Happy Sammiversary, King Falls!

by Ben Arnold

Ladies and gents, boy do I have some big, big news for the listeners of King Falls AM!

Which if you aren't listening, (but let's be real, YOU ARE) then you'll know that I'm the co-host of The Sammy & Ben Show weeknights from 2am -6am!

Co-Host. Can you believe that? I know a lot of you folks that read the Gazette have been around me all my life; we grew up together, went to school together, or maybe we met as I was working my way up from intern to producer for Chet Sebastian here at the station. The point is, we know each other, and unless you're a certain frog-based restaurateur or a Lord Vampire's lead gardener, that means we are probably friends.

So think about that: Little Ben Arnold going from shy bookworm kid to producer of the top rated Jazz program in the Tri State area and now to on-air host of a call in talk show!

And honestly, I owe so much of that to my co-host, Sammy Stevens.

This guy arrived out of the blue after conversations with Merv that none of us knew anything about. Diamond Dave was leaving the station after a lifetime of being here and nobody knew what was gonna happen in our coveted late-night spot.

Then Sammy Stevens happened and it changed myself, the station, and I'd go so far as to say the entire town for the better.

Sure, there's been issues: like the fact that the guy is a bit ... stuffy when it comes to the paranormal (or normal for King Falls) things that go on, but he's getting better. Sammy's run-in's with the town government is a thing, but you know what, maybe Sammy is shedding a little light on some hijinks that went on behind our backs for quite some time that we should care about.

With all change, there are growing pains, and this was a big change for Sammy. And for me. But I'm so happy he came along when he did. I look back at the almost year we've spent together, doing nights on 660AM and I couldn't imagine a world where we DON'T do what we do. And I'm so thankful for that.

Even though Sammy is getting a bit moody about me making a big deal about the Anniversary (Sammiversary, let's make it happen guys) on May 1st's broadcast, I know he feels the same too, he's just too modest to let me do this properly, but believe me, I'm doing it properly anyway and the May 1st show WILL BE HUGE!

So if you should happen to see Sammy out and about town this week, or if you have some free time to call in, be sure to tell that guy how you feel about him being here too. As always hit us up on Twitter or your social media of choice, give us a call 424-279-3858, but most importantly, be sure to tune in on May 1st to celebrate with us!



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