Who hangs out in a cemetery anyway?

By Phillip Rodriguez

Another night and another break-in down at the old cemetery in King Falls says groundskeeper, and generally creepy dude, Francis Broxton. 

"This is the second time this week my boys have came in and the entrance gate has been pushed open and funky pariphinalia has been found." states Old Man Broxton. 

I asked him if he meant drugs and he instantly changed his tune, talking about different colored gels and lighting equipment. 

"I don't even know what a bong is! Can we talk about the weird lighting gels? Purple and green and I think a red or two, I turned them into the Sheriff's Department but damned if I've heard a word on it yet." grumped our General Groundskeeper. 

And have you seen his VW mini-Bus? Sure you don't know what a bong is, Broxton. 

Regardless, if you kids and or high school lighting masters are breaking into the old cemetery, both Francis and this paper implore you to stop; not only is it against the law to be in the graveyard after dusk, but it's seriously creepy AF and this reporter doesn't want to do any more stories about it. 

Ya dig? 


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