A Public Plea

by Sammy Stevens

It's been, by far, the roughest stretch of time I've personally had in King Falls, this past month or so. With the on-air disappearance of our dear friend Emily Potter on, of all nights, our Anniversary, things have went from bad to worse.

I'm not the type to air laundry out to dry in public, but I'd be lying if I said I wasn't a little worried. My co-host, and more importantly, my best friend, Ben Arnold, has not been heard from since leaving the radio station the morning of May 15th.

No calls.

No texts.

Not answering his door.

While I, and I'm sure the listeners, appreciate Mr. Chet Sebastian's willingness to step up to bat and pull some doubles while Ben is away, it's just not the same. Especially with these dark circumstances swirling overhead.

I'm making a plea here, as I've done nightly on-air, that if anyone should run into Ben, or even just see him around town, please ask him to give the station a call.

As you know, the kid is in a bad way, understandably so, but I just want to know that he's safe and not doing anything crazy.

I appreciate all the calls, tweets, and messages you've sent to us at King Falls AM, the positive vibes and prayers can't hurt either. Ben, if you can read this, or read my numerous text messages, just let us know you're alright buddy.

Take care of yourself.

Your friend,


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