Crime Scene Cover Up?

by Phillip Rodriguez

A lot has been said about May 1st's disappearance of King Falls librarian Emily Potter, and while I usually have a pinch of snark to go along with my journalism at the Gazette, I just want it to be known that all of us here at the paper are hoping, praying and sending positive vibes out for Ms. Potter's safe return.

We receive a lot of tips here at the paper. More than you'd imagine for a small-town print palace such as ourselves, but we do. Most are just apparition sightings, pranks or people bitching about the roundabout on Tippet Avenue. But this reporter came into something a bit different this morning.

I received an anonymous tip overnight about a disturbance over the weekend at the Emily Potter Crime Scene off of Route 72 heading into town. Apparently multiple people drove past the area saying that a disturbed man, fitting the description of a certain King Falls radio personality was seen, past the crime tape, in the middle of quarantined area, yelling up at the sky.

Another tip that came in a little later said that they witnessed a King Falls Sheriff Patrol Car at the scene as well, however after checking the incident reports and scanner reports, I couldn't find a word about this incident anywhere.

Of course these tips named who they seemingly saw as they motored past, and being the journalist that I am, I'd be remiss to reach out to the aforementioned personality.

However, I didn't do that. I did not reach out.

The poor man has gone through enough. If you're a listener of that particular show, his behavior has been much different the past week, so much so that it's even hard to tell it's him. He's a shell of his former self. He's hurting and it's not my place to add to that.

It's my job to report on the news and to add a little sass to it's ass, as I see fit. But there are lines. Lines of decency. And when you see a fellow human, not just someone in the media but a fellow human friggin' being, hurting, you don't add to it.

I wish more media outlets thought like that.

So as for the disturbance out on 72 over the weekend, I can't confirm that it happened. I can't deny that it happened. What I can say is that there is a still-active crime scene on Route 72, where Ms. Emily Potter's car was found, and that I implore you to stay away from it as the good men and women of the King Falls Sheriff's Department still have investigating to do.